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Is online sports betting legal in Oregon? The laws on this are real fuzzy. I would like to know the legality of wagering on sports on what seem to be honest and professionally run gambling websites. Question posted by: Koho This post powered by Yahoo! Answers If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe […]

Is online sports betting legal in the United States? I know there are a lot of ppl who do it and I haven’t heard of anyone being arrested for it…..still let me know what you think? Question posted by: tmachawkfan This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

how do online casinos and sports betting websites pay its users? I am wondering the different methods that it costs to transfer money to the users. Thanks for your help, JS:) Question posted by: cleindiansown This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

I have a question about money line sports bets? Here’s an example: It happens that tomorrow’s money line on the Yankee – Mariner game is New York -175, Seattle +165. Now suppose that you and I both go to a sports book in Las Vegas and I take the Yankees and you take the Mariners. […]

Do you think pro sports betting should be legal everywhere? I don’t really see much wrong with football pools. It’s pretty random, anyway, considering the point spreads. Question posted by: ®eality * His New Account This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

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