are Multiples Betting very common in sports betting, or is it the single Betting?

are Multiples Betting very common in sports betting, or is it the single Betting?

talking about sports betting websites:
what is the precentage of Multiples Betting out of all sports betting?

Question posted by: barzuri


It’s difficult to determine the exact percentage of multiples betting (also known as parlay or accumulator betting) compared to single betting in sports betting websites. However, both types of betting are prevalent among bettors.

Single betting is more common, especially among novice bettors, as it is simpler and easier to understand. In single betting, you place a bet on a single outcome or event, which makes it easier to predict and manage your potential winnings or losses.

Multiples betting is popular among more experienced bettors or those seeking higher potential returns. In multiples betting, you combine multiple bets into one wager, and all the bets must win for the wager to be successful. While the potential returns can be significantly higher in multiples betting, the risk is also greater as the likelihood of all bets winning is lower.

Ultimately, both single and multiples betting have their own appeal, and the percentage of each type of bet can vary depending on the sportsbook, the specific event, and the bettors’ preferences.


  • Niki S

    Its hard to tell, but as far as I know the singles are more used, especially now when there are exchanges like
    where you can bet on singles on every sport and get a higher odds than the bookmakers

  • czarSEF

    Not sure of exact percentage but singles are more common.