What are your sports betting tips?

Are you a succesfull player in sports betting ? What are your tips?

I usually bet on live-betting on football (soccer) and pick the bets such as “under/over 2,5 goals”, “nopenalty/penalty”, “goal scored by shot/header/free kick/corner”, etc …


Can you please give just some good advices ?


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  • Ricardo R.

    My advice is :
    Focus on work and investments.
    Forget gambling.

  • Tennis Picks

    Hey Tony –

    If you really like betting, the best advice I could give would be to learn as much as you can about money management. Why, you ask? Because 2 players can pick the same teams to win on their card, but the one who wins will be the one who managed his money correctly. It can be hard at times to sift through the bad information and miscues out there, but it can be done.

    I was drawn to this question because you sound like me about 5 years ago. Sports betting is just like anything else, in that, you need to hone your craft, learn about yourself (your tendencies, how you deal with money, performance under pressure, etc…) and get good information – in addition to doing your homework (the only difference is sports picks homework is fun!)

    What helped me the most was handicapping games and matches myself without making any investments in real money. I would do this for months, tweak my system, track results in a simple spreadsheet, start wagering real money, lose, then start all over again after making improvements until I had something that worked over the long run.

    You must realize that only the top 2-4% of bettors make consistent money doing this – even of the ones that stay glued to forums that give out picks from “experts” who have people pay for their service. That being said, forums are a good place to get some accelerated learning and learn who is well respected.

    However, there is no substitute for DIY training. You can start now: Come up with some factors you think are critical to winning games, find a good info source, compare these factors (indicators), compute the risk you would place on this match/game (very important), and make a pick without making a real investment.

    I’ve listed some good forums to start with below. Good luck betting (sports investing 🙂