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Can I Make My Own Sports Betting Website?

If i want to create my own sports betting website via online do I need any type of permission or paperwork? Is it even legal to do?

Question posted by: lxlnaftlxl

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Comments & Feedback on "Can I Make My Own Sports Betting Website?"

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6 Responses to “Can I Make My Own Sports Betting Website?”

  1. terrance m Says:

    no its not leagel

  2. Mark F Says:

    check out

  3. Paul Says:

    Yes, absolutely – you can create your own sports betting website. It isn’t illegal if you’re only an affiliate and not accepting wagers yourself.

    Learn more at:

  4. Fishman Says:

    yes you can if you don’t get caught

  5. BILLA Says:

    Hi I work in this industry so I can answer your question. BTW keep an eye out for which is going to be my mates betting company that deals with what you are are asking your own online bookie.

    I asked my friend you question as he is also starting up and he said:

    – It’s not illegal if you get a licence from the appropriate gambling commsion.

    – Your software will need to be fully tested and fair!

    – To store people credit card details you will need to have your databases maned 247 with security cameras.

    – You must have restrictions in place to avoid allowing people to bet from banned countries.

    – You will defenitely need a international law solicitor as you will be treading on a fine line all the time – plenty of red tape.

    The above are just the basics, there is so much more to do before you can even launch your site – good luck!

  6. Max Says:

    It is legal based on the country you plan to set this up in. You will need a license, quite a bit of funding, and a proper website. Have a talk with the gambling authority in your jurisdiction. The website part will be tricky, find a reputable company. There are tons of software/web companys out there. Give epromptc’s betmore ( a try. It’ll get you going. Good luck!

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