Is there an online forum where I can discuss betting on sports, and get advice?

Is there an online forum where I can discuss betting on sports, and get advice?

Is there a web site where I can discuss sports betting and get good advice and picks and suggestions?

Question posted by: afterburner

Betting online forum

Yes, there are several online forums where you can discuss sports betting, share picks, and get advice from fellow bettors. Here are a few popular options:

  1. Covers Forum ( – Covers is a well-known sports betting website, and its forum is home to a large community of sports bettors who discuss picks, strategies, and upcoming games across various sports.
  2. SBR Forum ( – Sportsbook Review (SBR) is another popular sports betting site with an active forum. Members discuss sports betting strategies, picks, and share experiences with various sportsbooks.
  3. Reddit’s /r/sportsbook ( – Reddit is a popular online platform with various subreddits dedicated to specific topics. The /r/sportsbook subreddit is focused on sports betting discussions, sharing picks, and advice from a community of bettors.
  4. Forum ( – This forum offers discussions on a wide range of sports and betting topics, with members sharing tips, strategies, and information on various sports.
  5. TheRX Forum ( – TheRX is a sports betting forum that offers discussions on various sports, betting strategies, and picks. The community is active and offers insights and advice for both novice and experienced bettors.

When participating in online forums, always remember to take advice and picks with a grain of salt. While some members may have useful insights, it’s essential to do your own research and use your judgment when making betting decisions.


  • Potsie

    You are welcome to visit my site, You can check out my free daily sports picks, betting tips, and ‘Lock of the Day’ message board where you can check out other visitors’ picks and even post your own! There is nothing to register for and no emails. I will never try to sell you any pay picks or anything else for that matter. See you there.

  • King Cobra

    Potsie’s site is worth checking out.

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  • Dan

    Theres a cool forum that u can discuss all this aswell as poker casinos all that kinda stuff.

  • GamblingMaster

    You can do that at
    It is a big sports betting forum and you can discuss every possible gambling there.

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    try either


  • C.J.

    There is a huge forum at I also joined. It costs a one-time fee, but you get emails for the best picks each week with stats for life. It has worked great for me, but that is just my humble opinion.

  • mastakk1030