Online sportsbetting strategy and tips.

The Do’s and Dont’s when Betting in NFL

Understand why NFL betting is worth it, and how you can bet strategically long term. Betting on the NFL Preseason Football Games Many sports bettors don’t take advantage and decide to pass on betting in the NFL Preseason. More than likely, they’ve done battle with NFL Preseason games in the past and have started their football seasons in the hole. The number one reason why they failed is because they used the same handicapping methods in exhibition games that they […]

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The Evolution of Bookmakers

A look back at one of the most notorius scams which made history in the betting game. Two Tales Of NBA Betting The 2006/07 National Basketball Association tips off Oct. 31, stirring memories of NBA betting warriors from previous hardwood campaigns. Any bookmakers list of NBA betting legends would have to include ‘Cryin Kenny,’ a notorious under player who was well known around North Las Vegas sports books in the 1970s. Cryin’ Kenny Kenny cried about everything and the more […]

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The Guide to Beating inaccurate “gut instincts” in Betting

           Learn how software can aid in wrong judgements and sentiments taking over. Make a more accurate decision with betting software Beat The Odds With Sports Betting Software Sports betting software does what human tipsters do; it provides tips on whom/what to bet on. Such softwares use advanced algorithmic functions and factor in multiple variables to come up with a tip. Sports betting software bases its suggestions on an objective understanding of the data which is input; on the other […]

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