What is the Best Sportsbook in Vegas?

What is the Best Sportsbook in Vegas?

When do I have to get there to get a seat? And any additional tips on drinks and food.
Although LVH may have open seats all the time during football season, what is the latest time you can show up at other sportsbooks and still get a good seat? What sportsbook that has the most comfortable seats?

Question posted by: Morgan C

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  • SisterSue

    I know that during March Madness the most popular sportsbook is in the MGM Grand…

    Drinks will cost you about $10 a piece…food- no less than $15 a meal.

  • jack

    IMO the “superbook” at the Las Vegas Hilton is far and away the best.

    The drinks are free, a $1 tip per drink will keep them coming.

    It’s usually very easy to get a seat. I have been going there for years, I don’t recall ever not finding someplace to sit and watch the game.

    The LVH has a very nice buffet**, which is located next to the sports book.

    **I prefer the dinner buffet, because they always have a good selection of shrimp.

    >>Drinks>Buffetsespecially lunch
    #2 – Orleans
    #3 – Gold Coast

    Other – great value buffets
    Silverton – lunch
    Green Valley Ranch – lunch
    LV Hilton – dinner
    Mirage – dinner
    Palace or Boulder Station – Breakfast
    Fremont – Seafood buffet Sun/Tue/Fri – this one is a great deal at $15.99

    Some of the best “meal deals” are the graveyard specials
    The California & South Point are among the best, but there are many good ones. We really like the Orleans(GY – specials), but they are only available Mon-Thur.

    The .99c shrimp cocktail at the Golden Gate is a LV legend – You do have to sign up for a slot club card now to get this price.

    One of our fav meal deals is the prime rib dinner($7) at the Triple 7 restaurant & brew pub at Main Street Station. This one is served after 4pm, the “small” is huge, whatever you do, don’t order the large unless you’re an NFL lineman or eat like one.


    Later: IMO, the sports book at Caesars Palace has the most comfortable seats. The only problem is, you have to get there very early to get one during football games. CP is also my choice as the 2nd best all around sports book!

  • Brett D

    Without going into it my short answer in Red Rock. It is off the strip but it is new, comfortable, and has a lounge area. It is worth the cab rid if you are planning on being there for the day to actually watch. The odds are pretty good.

  • iceman

    LVH has always had the best reputation. But its not in the best area relative to many other hotels.

    I though Ballys was great. They have stadium seating with lots of seats. Makes it very easy to watch games, and the atmosphere seems intense during big games. The only thing is that my friend (who was recently out there) said they are not giving out drink tickets anymore to sports bettors. So thats kind of a bummer.