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What is the money limit on sports betting?

Like can you bet 1 million in in NFL game?
Also why does the score different matter?
Can’t you say like Falcons over eagles by 1 point? Why do people say like falcons over eagles by 10 points? Do you have to say more than 3 more something?

Question posted by: Renegade

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4 Responses to “Money limit on sports betting?”

  1. Hidan Says:

    first of all the limit is how much money u have u can’t say i’ll bet u 2 million if u only have 1 million and do the score does not matter unless the team u bet on won a win is a win

  2. Stone Cold Steve Erkel Says:

    Damn guy, don’t ever start betting. First, Vegas decides the number of points. You don’t just go up and tell them how many points you want to give/get.

    Second, one thing NOBODY will be saying is “Falcons over Eagles (or anyone else for that matter) by 10 points.”

    Third, the new betting limit is $6. You can no longer bet more than $6 on a game.

  3. Al Gores Evil Clone Says:

    If you are smart, your self imposed limit should be no more than 10..00, unless you are willing to lose your assets over a stupid game. They dont keep all those casino lights on by giving away money dude!

  4. JAEL Says:

    vegas desides points and there can be 1 point there’s even 1/2 a point. betting limits all depends on where you go or who you place the bet with i’d suggest u not bet if you dont know the simple facts of it

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