Money limit on sports betting?

What is the money limit on sports betting?

Like can you bet 1 million in in NFL game?
Also why does the score different matter?
Can’t you say like Falcons over eagles by 1 point? Why do people say like falcons over eagles by 10 points? Do you have to say more than 3 more something?

Question posted by: Renegade

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  • Hidan

    first of all the limit is how much money u have u can’t say i’ll bet u 2 million if u only have 1 million and do the score does not matter unless the team u bet on won a win is a win

  • Stone Cold Steve Erkel

    Damn guy, don’t ever start betting. First, Vegas decides the number of points. You don’t just go up and tell them how many points you want to give/get.

    Second, one thing NOBODY will be saying is “Falcons over Eagles (or anyone else for that matter) by 10 points.”

    Third, the new betting limit is $6. You can no longer bet more than $6 on a game.

  • Al Gores Evil Clone

    If you are smart, your self imposed limit should be no more than 10..00, unless you are willing to lose your assets over a stupid game. They dont keep all those casino lights on by giving away money dude!

  • JAEL

    vegas desides points and there can be 1 point there’s even 1/2 a point. betting limits all depends on where you go or who you place the bet with i’d suggest u not bet if you dont know the simple facts of it