When can I find a log of past sports betting odds?

When can I find a log of past sports betting odds?

I’m doing a project on old sports wagering odds and statistics. Where would I find a printed log of past betting lines?

Question posted by: moto H


While finding a comprehensive log of past sports betting odds might be challenging, several websites offer historical odds data for various sports. Some of the websites where you can find past betting lines and odds include:

  1. OddsPortal (https://www.oddsportal.com/) – OddsPortal provides historical odds data for a variety of sports, including soccer, basketball, tennis, and more. You can search for past odds by sport, league, and date.
  2. Sports Odds History (https://www.sportsoddshistory.com/) – This website offers historical odds data for major sports such as NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and college sports. You can select the sport and season to find archived odds.
  3. Covers (https://www.covers.com/) – Covers is another source for historical odds data for various sports. You can find odds history by navigating to a specific sport and looking for the “Matchup” section, which provides game logs with past betting lines.
  4. KillerSports (https://killersports.com/) – KillerSports offers a searchable database of past odds and statistics for NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. A free registration is required to access the data.

Keep in mind that access to historical odds data may be limited on some websites, and you may need to subscribe or register to gain full access. If you require a more comprehensive dataset or specific information, you may also consider contacting sportsbooks directly or searching for printed resources, such as betting publications or sports almanacs.


  • Mike

    a sports almanac!

  • nettosnerdicus1

    is excellent if you are only interested in football (soccer) odds.

    For past odds on all events on betfair’s exchange you can use