• m_c_m_a_n

    Stop betting on baseball is good advice. The odds are stacked against you.

    If you have to bet wait for football season.

  • David Reutimann's fan

    go ask Pete Rose.

  • sportscollectables

    Save your time and flush your money down the crapper.

  • kwinder00

    bet on the indians

  • BaySportsPicks.com

    Bay Sports Picks went 3-1 last night and posted all the picks on the page for free yesterday. You can read more at

    Bay Sports Picks is one of the few sports handicapping services with a winning record in baseball this year. The best word to describe the picks lately is “en fuego”!

  • kevin98789

    anywhere but here lol

  • david wright+jose reyes= WS

    go to pete rose or tim donagh or mike vick