Which sportsbook in Atlantic City is the best?

Which sportsbook in Atlantic City is the best?

paul s asked:
I am going to Atlantic City on Easter Sunday and towards the end of the day I would like to watch the Masters and see TIGER kick some butt. Out of the following casinos Showboat, Taj Mahal. and Resorts who has the best sportsbook, or is their a better sportsbook somewhere else?

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    ok here’s the answers i was given.

    There are NO sportsbooks in AC casinos. Only racebooks.

    Sports betting is only available in Vegas Casinos.

    You will be able to bet the horses, but not the Masters. You’ll have to find a casino bar to watch the Masters.

    Sorry for the bad news.
    Sports betting is illegal in Atlantic City. They are trying to get this overturned, but it is a longshot at best.