Sports betting company in Asia?

Can anyone recommend a sports betting company to contact in Asia?

Definition of what is needed:

Company has a sports book server. The server is connected to offshore sites (sports book centers) via the internet. Each of the sites have a printer and a pc system connected to the internet.

Betters and Vendors (runners) go to the sport book centers or use a cellphone to place bets.

The internet can relay results and other from the company server to tv, mobile phones, radios, etc.

Interested in all soccer league play and western and asian style of betting.

We have a three year no bid license, will operate day-to-day sport book centers in the receiving centers. Training also needed.

sports betting is completely new to us and we need a company that has strict governance and high integrity.

We will have a revenue of $360 million plus per year for 3 years.

Please provide following for immediate contact:
Company name, contact person, contact information needed for direct negotiations.

Question posted by: Fran

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  • Southern Horseman

    I have been in the gaming industry for many years and would be happy to discuss things with you including options, legal and jurisdictional issues. I have turned my mail link on and you may reach me there.

  • jim

    i have been playing for years and i got caut by local police and i told him what i was doing because i thought it was legal but talk to lawyer ans
    their is fine what the hell do i do