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How does sports betting work?

louisvilledw asked:
Particularly football and baseball. I’m curious as to how spreads are determined and how to read them.

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One Response to “How does sports betting work?”

  1. kcslammer13 Says:

    The spread is determined in Las Vegas for pretty much all sports. As far as reading the spread or lines it goes like this: for football say New York is playing New England and the line reads like this New England -7. What this means is that if you bet on New England you are betting that New England will win by more than 7 points. If they win by exactly 7 points then it is a push on nobody wins. If you bet on New York, you are saying that New York won’t lose be 7 or more or even win outright. Also, in betting on football there is what is called an over/under. A number is set such as 38 for the NY/NE game. You can bet that both teams will combine to scores more than 38 or less than 38.

    Betting on baseball is a little different. A baseball line might read like this: San Francisco -140 San Diego +120. If you decide to bet on San Francisco since they are favored (all teams that are favored have a minus next to the name) you need to put $140 in order to win $100. So at the sportsbook in Las Vegas you go up and place $140 on SF. If they win you get your $140 back plus the $100 you won. If you decided to bet on SD, you just bet $100. If SD wins then you win your $120. Also, you can bet on the over/under for baseball as well.

    It is a little confusing but I hope it helps.

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