Has anyone ever used sports betting champ as a betting system?

Has anyone ever used sports betting champ as a betting system?

I checked it out and it seems legit. I can not find anything bad about the system or type. I was wondering if anyone had experience real life of the system.

Posted by: William

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  • spreadmover

    dude I would recommend you check out aks place

  • billsfreak

    I have been betting on sports for 4 years now. I dont usually bet a lot but the best site Iv’e seen for tips and free picks is the bookie pays you.com. They release a free pick every day, and get it right probablly 70% of the time. They also have the best priced packages. I don’t bet a lot so they had a package that was only like 40 bucks! So I got that one of course and Iv’e been doing good so far this month. I’m probably up 1800.00. Anyways…just my suggestion.

  • Paul

    Try asking at….

    You might find the answer there.

  • Michael C

    I have genuinely been using it since late last year and have set a personal blog verifying results. Check it out at
    I’ve been getting more comments lately from other subscribers and can only say positive things about it although there are some tips in the blog, and if you join through any link in my blog, you’ll get some extra bonuses as they are available.
    The only negative I’ve experienced is that bets can get out of control quickly (see discussion on blog post 24/2)

  • Ed Manning

    Hi tthere. I have used The SportsBettingChamp System and won consistently with it. It does work as claimed. I have written articles on the system and have a blog at
    I have been a professional gambler for many years and this is the best system I have used for the NBA and MLB. It’s picks are low risk and will help buld your bankroll.