Which Las Vegas casion has a better sports book?

Which Las Vegas casion has a better sports book?

Between the Mandalay Bay and Luxor, which one has the better sports book? I’m looking for the one that has more games and that is also nicer.

Question posted by: johnny


Between Mandalay Bay and Luxor, the Mandalay Bay sportsbook is generally considered the better of the two. The Mandalay Bay sportsbook is larger and more modern, with a luxurious ambiance and plenty of seating. It has numerous large screens and individual monitors for bettors to watch various games and events, making it a great place to catch live sports action.

The Luxor sportsbook is smaller and less extravagant compared to Mandalay Bay. However, it still offers a decent sports betting experience with ample seating and screens for watching games. If you prioritize a more upscale atmosphere and a wider variety of games, Mandalay Bay is the better choice. But if you’re looking for a more casual and budget-friendly experience, Luxor can also be a good option.

There are several other options for sportsbooks in Las Vegas, many of which offer great experiences for bettors. Some popular and highly-rated sportsbooks in Las Vegas include:

  1. Westgate SuperBook: The Westgate SuperBook is one of the largest and most well-known sportsbooks in Las Vegas. It offers a huge variety of betting options, a massive screen for watching games, and plenty of seating.
  2. Caesars Palace: The sportsbook at Caesars Palace is known for its luxurious atmosphere and state-of-the-art screens. It offers a great selection of betting options and comfortable seating.
  3. Wynn Las Vegas: The Wynn sportsbook is another upscale option with a modern and elegant design. It offers a good selection of betting options and high-quality screens for watching games.
  4. MGM Grand: The MGM Grand sportsbook is a popular choice for many bettors, offering a large betting area, plenty of screens, and a good variety of betting options.
  5. The Mirage: The Mirage sportsbook is known for its comfortable atmosphere, good selection of betting options, and plenty of screens to watch games.

Each sportsbook offers a unique experience, so you may want to consider factors such as the ambiance, betting options, and location when choosing a sportsbook in Las Vegas.


  • banananose_89117

    Mandalay Bay by far

  • WineWayne

    Mandalay Bay for sure.

  • jack

    Between those two, Mandalay Bay.

    If you want the best in LV try the “Superbook” at the LV Hilton


  • Chris A

    Definitely Mandalay Bay