• cg9214

    I always go to the Venetian when I am in Vegas. It is a wide-open comfortable sports book. The seats are like recliners and there are plenty of them. The bonus is the restrooms are right outside the Sports book!

  • NoSEOPro

    Sports Books have been cracking down on free drinks. Normally you have to bet $10-20 to get a drink ticket which you then give the cocktail waitress.

    If you are wondering if this is isolated to sports, the answer is no. Many casinos have been cutting back on comps, points for high return video poker, etc.

    Your best bet for free drinks is to look like a Race Book bettor. Sit with the other race bettors at places like Wynn which still comp them and hope they don’t suspect you for being a sports bettor. Once you get a drink, you can wander over to a better sports book view.

    Some of the combined books that are good for drinks are the Venetian and Wynn.

  • cmeyers311

    MGM grand or Mandalay bay

  • Pupsgirl

    Mandalay Bay, no comparison to any other.

  • jack

    The best sports book in Las Vegas, and it’s not even close is the “superbook” at the Las Vegas Hilton.

    Both the Monorail and the “Arrow” which is the old strip trolley stop at the LV Hilton

    They still serve free drinks – No vouchers

    Tip the cocktail waitress $1 a round and they will take care of you.


  • iceman

    The Hilton Las Vegas has always been known to have a great one. Its huge with lots of seating and very nice inside.

    Other nice ones–

    Mandalay Bay

  • zuesefl

    The Bellagio is really great, and my personal favorite, but you can read a great article on Sports Betting in Vegas here