Site where you can simulate sports betting?

Does anyone know a good site where you can simulate sports betting?

I would like a site who give money prizes for your sport picks.
The site has to be world-wide available and give the prizes where ever you live.

Question asked by: just_marcel


While it’s not easy to find a sports betting simulation site that offers real money prizes, there are a few free-to-play options that allow you to practice your sports betting skills:

  1. ESPN Streak for the Cash ( This free game by ESPN lets you make picks on daily sports events, and you can compete against other players to win monthly prizes. Although the prizes are usually in the form of gift cards or merchandise, the game is available to players worldwide.
  2. BettingExpert ( BettingExpert is a platform where you can submit your predictions and compete in monthly leaderboards to win prizes. The prizes are typically cash rewards, and the site is available to users worldwide.
  3. Centsports ( Centsports is a free sports betting platform where you can place bets using virtual currency. You can win real cash prizes by participating in various contests and leaderboard challenges. The site is open to users from around the world.

Keep in mind that these sites are for entertainment purposes only, and you should always check the terms and conditions of each site to understand any restrictions or requirements related to participating and claiming prizes.


  • Punter

    You could try wich is free of charge and has contest with money prizes

  • GamblingJim

    I believe often runs contests where you can win real cash prizes for your picks. I don’t visit wagerline myself, but I use one of their affiliate sites,