Sports betting in Vegas through a website?

Sports betting in Vegas through a website?

Is there a good (legal) website to place sports bets in Vegas? I overheard someone talking about making Vegas NFL bets on a wesite. I didn’t think you could that.

Question posted by: searcher

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  • Jacques Strappe

    I don’t think that there are any sites based out of Las Vegas due to US law. However, if you are an American Citizen, you can still gamble online legally. Most online sportsbooks use Vegas odds, which is probably what your friend was talking about. Each site then tweaks the Vegas odds to their own needs. You can find a list of the most reputable sites with links to their best bonuses at if you decide to go with an online sportsbook. Navigate through the sites to find a guide to banking with online sites, as well. Hope this helps.

  • Vegasbrad

    Yes and no.

    No, you can’t bet via telephone or website from a Vegas casino, unless you live in Nevada. Nearly all Sportsbooks in Vegas offer telephone or on-line accounts for Nevada residents, which is perfectly legal. You just need to prove Nevada residency to set up an account. Although bets can then be made remotely, all deposits and withdrawals from your account must be handled in person at the sponsoring Sportsbook.

  • Punter P

    If you feel the need to bet on sports, forget a Vegas mindset. Go with the site that gives you the best odds or sites that are known for being honest and quick payers. Two A+ sportsbet sites are Diamond and The Greek

    What is amazing is that when you are physically in Las Vegas and sitting in a sportsbook, you are surrounded by flat TVs and monitors showing all the action. The amazing part is that you can have all of these graphics and live coverage on your PC through a good online sportsbook.

  • Potsie

    You thought right! It is illegal to wager with a sportsbook that is located in the United States. Oddly enough, it is not illegal to wager on sports via the internet if the site is not located or hosted in the USA! This contradicts popular opinion and is in opposition to what the media portrays, but it is the truth. There is NO federal law that makes the act of wagering online illegal. The only federal law that addresses gambling is the wire act from the 1960’s which makes it illegal to place wagers via the telephone. The US government passed a port security law and tacked on provisions (UIGEA) that make it illegal for BANKS, not players, to fund or accept payment from gaming sources. The only problem (for the govt) is that there are dozens of third party methods available for funding and no way to trace ACH credits. In other words, the new provisions are only for show and the end result is a waste of ink. I still use my VISA check card and e-check on my favorite sites. Online gaming will be impossible to completely eliminate from the US. The best they can do is make it inconvenient. Eventually I see the industry being regulated and taxed…heavily!

    The only states with laws directed towards online wagering are Michigan, Illinois, Louisiana, Oregon, Wisconsin, Washington, Indiana, Nevada, New York, New Jersey and South Dakota. Although these states do have specific laws pertaining to online gaming, there has not been any charges laid.

    Some sites have decided, on their own, to no longer accept American players. These are the publicly traded companies and most have returned to private owners. There are still many highly reputable sites that welcome and cater to American clients.
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